Anthony Vong

“The first time I heard about UCCC was during the summer of 2012, when my friend Rosemary made an announcement during a retreat dinner – “Hey, there’s a conference for Catholic college students up at Berkeley next year, you all should come!” – What?! Catholic young adults like me? Road trip? DOWN! Four UCCCs later, here I am, excited to help bring UCCC to UCLA!

UCCC is something special – a conference hosted by college students, for college students. From dynamic speakers to engaging liturgies, UCCC helped me grow spiritually and really dive deeper into the beautiful faith of Catholicism, bringing that light of Christ back to our campuses and to everyone we meet. I’ve been truly inspired by so many passionate peers, growing together in faith and being witnesses anchored and grounded in Christ. I know when I visit other college campus or cities across the state, I’ll be able to find a Mass buddy and more! It’s a living example of the unity and universality of being Catholic. I’m really #blessed to work with an awesome UCCC Staff, putting together a even more awesome conference! Can’t wait for February!”