Meet UCCC 2014 Speaker: Emily Wilson

Introducing one of the featured speakers for UCCC 2014…EMILY WILSON!

Emily Wilson was born into music. “I grew up in a family where all we ever did was play
music and dance and that became part of who we all are.” Who is Emily today? She is a
young, energetic, and charismatic Catholic musician and speaker who travels the world
sharing her faith through witness and worship.

Emily remembers being encouraged by her third grade teacher to get up and sing in front
of the whole church at the age of 7. “I really owe it all to Mrs. Esmilla!” With continued
support from her “stellar high school choir teacher”, she started leading devotions
regularly. While attending Arizona State University, Emily was “discovered” by a popular
worship leader Ike Ndolo. After hearing her voice and seeing her passion to lead others,
Ike invited her to tour with his band and, together, they have attended conferences and
events all over the country. In addition to continuing to be a female vocalist in Ike’s band,
Emily has had life-enriching experiences as a worship leader with many other musicians
across the country, including Matt Maher and Joe Melendrez.

Emily’s angelic voice has been heard at national and international youth and young adult
events including parish and school concerts, Steubenville conferences, Life Teen
Leadership events, and, most recently, the European Life Teen conference. Emily is on a
mission to draw others to Christ through her music that is both prayerful and powerful.

You can learn more about Emily at