Thank you all for a fruitful UCCC 2013!

Dear UCCC friends,

We have a lot to be grateful for!

Thank you to all the UCCC attendees for coming to Berkeley to take part in the inaugural UC Catholic Conference over Presidents’ Day weekend!

Special thanks to those who drove all the way up from SoCal (we had 20+ from UCSD!)!

Thank you Paul J. Kim and Jackie Francois for sharing your wisdom and music with us at UCCC!

We’d like to thank Fr. Michael Dodds, OP for talking about Reason&Faith on Saturday morning.
All the workshop leaders and Experience leaders were wonderful – thank you!

Thanks to the Paulist fathers at Newman Hall – Fr. Campbell, Fr. Al, and Fr. Bill for their continuous support and generous contribution of their time throughout UCCC.

Thank you, Colleen Lenord, Ben, and Luke Lavin for helping with the logistical details of having UCCC activities at Newman! With your guidance, we were able to set up for Eucharistic Adoration, projection and microphones, and scheduling. Thank you!

A big thank you to Fr. Paul Rospond who came up from UCLA to join us, Brother Andrew of St. Albert Priory and DSPT, and Brother Christopher Silva of the Capuchin friars.

The blessed and beautiful ladies who joined us for UCCC also added so much joy to the conference! We thank the sisters of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity: Sr. Sara Postlethwait, Sr. Karla Felix-Rivera, Sr. Jeanette Kong! The Daughters of St. Paul also joined us and had a table at the Exhibition. We hope you were able to drop by and meet them!

Be the Straw ministry recorded and photographed the entire conference, and provided much support to the Planning Committees – thank you, Raj, JP, and Ian! We also thank all the friends of Be the Straw ministry who helped throughout the weekend! Eddie Reduta, thank you for providing rhythm support for Praise Night and for always offering to help!

Primo Martinez, thank you for printing our t-shirts and giving out so many freebies at the Exhibition! We wish all the best to Meant4More Apparel!

Thank you, Millicent (our ASUC Advisor) for guiding us through the conference planning, when we were struggling with campus policies and protocols! A huge thank you to the staff at the College of Environmental Design – Susan Cass and Michael DeLeon – for scheduling the building for UCCC!

There were many sponsors and volunteers behind-the-scenes who helped make UCCC possible. THANK YOU ALL!

God is good. All the time!