UCCC 2018’s website is at uccc2018.com


Mission Statement

To unite Catholic university students across California and foster fellowship with an annual conference centered in the universal Catholic faith through:

  • Intellectual engagement via experienced speakers and educational workshops
  • Spiritual nourishment through powerful liturgies, sacraments, and worship
  • Faith development as well as better understanding of the Catholic Church and her practices

Featured Speakers

Trent Horn

An apologist and speaker for Catholic Answers, specializing in teaching Catholics how to graciously defend their faith with sound arguments and persuasive communication techniques. A regular guest on the radio program Catholic Answers Live, a lecturer who speaks across the country, and the author. [Graduate degree in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and currently pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy from Holy Apostles College]

Matt Weber

The author of “Fearing the Stigmata” (Loyola Press, 2012) and host of The CatholicTV Network series The LensHost and producer of the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s popular education podcast “The Harvard EdCast,” a series of conversations with thought leaders in the field of education from across the country and around the world. [Graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he is also the New and Social Media Officer. Did research on making education related content informative, entertaining, and educative, opening up its accessibility to the broader public.]

Leah Darrow

Challenges her international audiences to find true love in Jesus Christ, acceptance and beauty in Him, and discusses modesty, chastity, mercy, conversion, and human dignity. She had her debut on the reality television show, America’s Next Top Model, as one of the 14 finalists in 2004. She was an apologist and speaker for Catholic Answers and participated in a United Nations panel discussion in 2011, Real Love Revolution tour in the Philippines, and FOCUS conference SEEK2013. [BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri St. Louis, and now her MA in Theology at the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado]

Paul J. Kim

Paul J. Kim is an international speaker, beatboxer, and comedian. He presents and performs full-time, sharing his hope in Christ via music, comedy, and inspirational talks. He has released two music albums, his videos on YouTube have accumulated over a million views, and he presents to over 50,000 people each year at events throughout the world. His background includes a BA in Philosophy (Franciscan University), an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy (Hope International University), and experience working as a counselor, missionary, and youth minister. In his free time, Paul enjoys long walks on the beach, surfing, talking to strangers in random accents, and pointing out God’s sense of humor. He lives in Southern California with his lovely wife, Maggie, and two beautiful children: Audrey & Aiden.

Lisa Cotter

Lisa Cotter is a nationally sought-after speaker on the topics of relationships, femininity and living life with excellence. Since 2007, she and her husband, Kevin, have served FOCUS as a family. Lisa and Kevin are the co-authors of “Dating Detox” (to be published January 2017). Lisa is the founder of Made to Magnify, a ministry with a mission to help people become saints — because it’s worth it. [Graduate of Benedictine College]

Archbishop Jose Gomez

Archbishop José Horacio Gomez is the fifth Archbishop of Los Angeles. On April 6, 2010, he was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California, by Pope Benedict XVI. On February 27, 2011, he was installed Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He is the first Hispanic to serve as Archbishop of Los Angeles, as well as the highest-ranking Hispanic bishop in the United States.


“I really like being Catholic; I think it’s the best thing ever! At this year’s UCCC, I’m really looking forward to the liturgies – Mass and Adoration especially. I really can’t wait to be involved with planning these special moments where everyone in the conference gets to encounter God in the Blessed Sacrament. The entire team is doing this for the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the best way to do that, I think, is to do what Catholics have done for centuries: receive God in Holy Communion and spend time with Him in Adoration. So I can’t wait for those moments, and for everyone in the conference to experience them!”

Chelsy Sanchez

“After attending the past 2 UCCCs I am so excited to attend next year’s UCCC at my own campus. For me the conference is an opportunity to learn more about our deep Catholic faith and teachings, and one of my favorite parts is the workshop series. Each year the topics are different and all of them are super interesting. One of the most memorable workshops for me was “7 Deadly Apps” by Be The Straw Ministry, where I gained a better understanding about the 7 deadly sins through the use of apps like Instagram and Yelp. It was definitely a new way to look at the topic, and it was such an entertaining and informative talk. I’m really interested to find out what workshops are going to be offered this year!

One tip for everyone attending: pick different workshops than your friends so you can share what you learn and get the full experience!”

Elisa Ekalestari